Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Trypshop 05 21st December 2007

THE TRYPSHOP SHOW 05 21.12.07 (160kbs/79mb/68mins)
The Trypshop Podcast presented by Mark Vidler

The Breakaways - I Can Hear Music [from Dream Babes Volume 4 - Go-Girl]
The Nazz - Open My Eyes [from The Nazz]
Q65 - So High I've Been So Down I Must Fall [from Rubble Volume 9 - Plastic Wilderness]
Carnegy Hall - The Bells Of San Francisco [from somewhere off the net]
Wimple Winch - Save My Soul [from Rubble Volume One - The Psychedelic Snarl]
Made in Sheffield - Amelia Jane [from Sweet Floral Albion Compilation]
The Dukes Of Stratosphear - The Mole From The Ministry [from 25 O'Clock]
The Fab Four - Jingle Bells [from Christmas With The Fab Four]
Taboo - Vampire Tango [from mp3 email]
The Tickle - Good Evening [from Hens Teeth Volume One Compilation]
The Long Ryders - I Had A Dream [from 7inch vinyl single]
The Byrds - Eight Miles High [from Fifth Dimension]
John Coltrane - India [from Impressions]
The Bonzo Dog Band - Humanoid Boogie [from Best Of]
Plasticland - Elongations [from Plasticland / Colour Appreciation]
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Pena [from Trout Mask Replica]
The Fab Four - Silent Night [from Christmas With The Fab Four]
The Virgineers - We Are Santas Helpers [from internet]
The Three Wise Men [XTC] - Thanks For Christmas [from 7inch Christmas Single / Rag & Bone Buffet]

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