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GHP - WFMU Mix 3rd November 2004

GHP - WFMU MIX 03.11.04 (192kbs/19mb/14mins)
Go Home Productions mp3 download January 2008

Patsy Gallant - From New York to LA
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Little Miss Lover
Bob James - Nautilus
Andy Partridge - How This Is Pop Came To Be
Planet Of The Apes Soundtrack - Main Title
The Chocolate Watchband - No Way Out
Planet Of The Apes dialogue

XTC - John Peel Intro
XTC - Love At First Sight
Grandmaster Flash - The Message (Acapella)
Moby & Public Enemy - Make Love Fuck War (Acapella)
Can - I'm So Green
George Michael - Outside (Acapella)
Wings - Band On The Run
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
Outkast - Hey Ya (Acapella)
The Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows
The Seeds - Just Let Go (Acapella)
Paul McCartney - Beautiful Night
John Lennon - Stand By Me (Acapella)
Elvis Presley outtake
Queen - Play The Game (Acapella)
John Lennon - Imagine

"This mix was to coincide with my whirlwind visit from New York to LA (hence the intro...see I'm not just a dumb-fuck music manipulator am I ? ho ho).
"Has anyone else ever mixed snatches from Planet of The Apes with the Chocolate Watchband????? What do you mean who would want to !
"More XTC. More Seeds. More Lennon. More Queen. Can???
'Imagine The Game' fucked with a lot of peoples heads. You really should relax you's just pop music innit.
LA, now that was a trip and a half. Met Jonesy and rambled live on his radio show for a couple of hours, after emptying the contects of the mini-bar in my hotel room at the Standard and nearly falling asleep by the pool after consuming too many pancakes. Americans love pancakes for breakfast :)
"Met The Doors manager in their office apartment on the Strip. Fucking cool. Played the Stooges at the Key Club, (what a dive).
Drove past Morrisey's place in the Hills.
" - Mark Vidler January 2008

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