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GHP - The Remix 16th October 2005

XFM, The Remix broadcast: 16th October 2005
Go Home Productions mp3 download January 2008

PART ONE (192kbs/37mb/27mins)
GHP - JuiceBox Rock (00.00)
A quickie bootleg intro mixing The Strokes new single 'Juicebox' with the Theme From The Munsters and Peaches 'Rock Show'.

Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love You Less and Less (GHP Chew Dub and Spat Out remix) (01.40)
A remix that I did a while back for playing out, off beat hi-hats etc....

Pere Ubu - Non Alignment Pact ((03.40)
Always loved meself a bit of Pere Ubu. Cope covered this one if my memory serves me right, for one of his 'St Julian' B-sides. I slipped in some Beach Boys vocals from 'I'm Waiting For The Day', for the choruses. Don't ask me why.

GHP - Marvin's Not In Love Parts One and Two (05.55)
Had a lot of fun making this one. The original idea came about whilst doing some work for a Magic FM ad campaign. They wanted a 30 sec clip comprising of 3 'mashed-up' tracks. One of the tracks suggested was 10CC's 'I'm Not In Love' and I slipped in a bit of Marvin here and there. The track I did for the ad wasn't used in the end but I set about doing a full version for a bit of a laugh. Part one is Marvin answering Eric Stewart, whilst part two builds into some kind of 2 step dub idea that I was brewing up in Ableton.

LCD Soundsystem - Beat Connection (GHP Dub Conn remix) (10.14)
Another GHP remix thing that I was doing on the fly for playing out. LCD Soundsystem=Genius, gotta love 'em.

GHP - Mafia (12.49)
Something original. Nicked a couple of vocal samples and worked them into a composition I'd being playing with for a month or so previous. Waspy bassline and phattish drums. Went down very well at the Secret Garden gig a while back and Barcelona where I played recently...

Siobhan Fahey - Bad Blood (GHP Remix) (15.36)
Official GHP remix for Siobhan Fahey that was actually released this week. Has had some very complementary reviews.

Gang Of Four - To Hell With Poverty (Go Home Productions Remix) (18.28)
Another official GHP remix. This was also released this week on the Gang Of Four 'Return The Gift' album. CD2 track one if you are interested and was also the b-side of their last single.

The Black Velvets - 3345 (GHP 'Whole Lotta Velvet' Mix) (21.15)
If you've been to any of The Black Velvets gigs this year, you will have heard this before the band go onstage. Obviously they can't release it officially although I understand they are working on clearing it...

GHP - Uptight Maggie (24.31)
Had this sitting on the hardrive in varying stages of undress, so I decided to give it some clothing for this mix. Stevie Wonder's 'Uptight' over Rod Stewart's 'Maggie May' for those under the age of 35....

PART TWO (192kbs/37mb/27mins)
11. The Who - I Can See For Miles (GHP Brighton Breaks Mix) (00.00)
Made this especially for playing down in Brighton the other month. Seem to remember it bringing some big grins to a few faces, through the stage full of dry ice...

12. The Stooges - TV Eye (GHP remix) (02.37)
'Fun House' has got to be one of my all time favourite albums. The band sound just about 'together' enough to stand up and the whole sense of 'on the edginess' about it is essential. Iggy is a star. Hopefully this sounds as loud as I wanted it to...a real piss-off yer neighbour track.

13. Babe Instinct - Disco Babes From Outer Space (GHP edit) (05.16)

14. Low Fidelity Allstars - Many Tentacles (GHP edit mix) (07.16)
A couple of tracks that I just love playing out at the moment. Just GHP 'edits' nothing much added or taken away.

15. GHP - Strung Out King (09.34)
Made this quite a while ago, not sure if many people have heard it. Contains dialogue of Elvis ranting off about folks saying 'naughty' things about him. He's obviously in a poor state by the sounds of things... The backing is The Farm's 'Stepping Stone' that used that loop from Snap's 'The Power' back in the early Nineties.

16. GHP - Lose My Toxygene (11.42)
Done this live on the CDJ's a couple of times at gigs, decided to do it properly for this mix. It's the Orb's 'Toxygene' with Beyonce's mob over the top of it. A couple of pinches from 'Pump Up The Volume' in there too. Again, went down very well in Barcelona.

17. GHP - Theme For Slave (14.50)
Ahem. An outtake from an upcoming EMI album project that I'm currently working on, due for release early 2006. Britney's 'Slave 4 U' with Simple Minds 'Theme For Cities'.

18. GHP - World Shut Your Revolution (17.50)
Last minute bit of fun. Cope is a personal hero of mine.......any old excuse to get something of his in this mix. Uses 'World Shut Your Mouth' with Daft Punks 'Revolution 909'.

19. GHP - Robbie (Over) Jacko (Under) Pressure (20.10)
Don't know if I really should include this here but what the hell. I've been playing this version out for a few months now because of the laugh I get from peoples faces when it gets to the middle eight...awaiting Robbie's response. Apparently.

20. GHP - Rock In Black (22.59)
Spot the samples. Queen 'We Will Rock You' / 'Fat Bottomed Girls' / AC/DC 'Back In Black' / 'Hells Bells' Led Zeppelin 'Black Dog' / Outkast 'Miss Jackson' / Prince 'Let's Get Crazy' / Crowded House 'Weather With You' Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg 'The Next Episode' / The Beatles 'A Day In The Life'.......sure there are some others.
Comments by Mark Vidler October 2005

"Second invitation to do a Superchunk for The Remix and was offered an hour no less.
"Flows well enough I guess, more remixes than bootlegs on show here but you wouldn't have guessed, would you. *The first time that 'Rock In Black' made an appearance and boy did it make an impression. Email influx... can I have etc. I still get asked for it.
By lots of German types.
"Probably down to the fact that it was given a bloody good airing by Chris Coco on Robbie Williams European tour dates that year.
I bet this was the first time that Pere Ubu was played on XFM too. Oh how controversial of me.
"In fact the bigger shock was probably getting 10cc's 'I'm Not In Love' on air.........I mean come on...
" - Mark Vidler January 2008

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