Saturday, 27 August 2011

GHP - The Remix 30th May 2003

GHP - THE REMIX, XFM 30.05.03 (192kbs/39mb/29mins)
XFM, The Remix broadcast: 30th May 2003
Go Home Productions mp3 download January 2008

GHP - Bowie X (David Bowie / Liberty X )
GHP - Justin Loves Jacko (Justin Timberlake / Michael Jackson)
GHP - Baby's Got A Crazy Horse (Remixed)
GHP - Return Of The Weather Episode (Remixed)
GHP - Fat Gangsta (Sum41 / Eve & Alicia Keys)
GHP - Who Fooled Kylie (Kylie / The Who)
GHP - You Make Me Feel XTC (Sylvester / XTC)
GHP - Ray Of Gob
GHP - Submusic (Madonna-Music / Sex Pistols-Submission)

"First mix for radio. First time I had also met Eddy & James in person. You can blame these guys 100% for first exposing GHP to the masses (?) Was nominated for the XFM Session Of The Year 2003." - Mark Vidler January 200

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