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GHP - Green Room Mix 13th January 2004

GHP - GREEN ROOM MIX 13.01.04 (160kbs/20mb/17mins)
Liquid Radio, IDC's Green Room Show broadcast: 13th January 2004
Go Home Productions mp3 download January 2004

01. (Intro) You Are Going To Rock & Roll (0.00) [Just a spoken word pinch from
DJ Shadow - High Noon EP]
Pilot - January (0.23) [One of my all time favourite tracks and POP at it's most untouchable. So, I didn't touch it. Just a blast of the intro / chorus / first verse. It's January ffs :)]
GHP - David Bowie - Young Americans (Cry Dub) (1.52) [This idea came about after I finished the 2 tracks for Bowie a couple of months ago. Built from a selection of breaks including James Brown and layered with fx from various soft synths and soundfonts. Bowie's 'Cry-hy' is also joined by a string pinch from Boney M's 'Sonny'. I played Bass. One note. The 'GHP' vox are courtesy of those wonderful WFMU DJ's.]
GHP - Blurred It All Before (3.34) [Rejected by MTV twice! Oh well. It's Blur - There's No Other Way cut up with Sunshine Anderson - Heard It All Before bolstered by a phat break. A POP bootleg. And talking of POP bootlegs.....]
GHP - Hollywood Flava (5.36) [Different mix to the one currently being repeated on MTV. Craig David - Whats Your Flava with Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax for the most part. Slipped in some Paul Morley / Frankie vox at the start and added snatches from 'All You Need Is Love' by The Jamms.]
GHP - Xtina's A Monkee (Edit) (8.29) [Halfway point in the mix and time to start the interesting stuff. Monty Python gives way to Christina singing with The Monkees. Yes it's a false start and pretty much an intro section to the next monster.]
GHP - Paperback Believer (8.55) [Got the goosebumps when I first got these 2 tracks to gel and this is probably my favourite out of the set. It's a taster for 'Beatleg Bootles Part2' and it's The Beatles - Paperback Writer over The Monkees - I'm a Believer and it's now available to download. What more do you want?]
GHP - There's Nothing Wrong With A Beat (Edit) (11.11) [More of a 'work in progress' but seems to fit quite nicely in this part. The main groove is a steal from Lalo Schifrin - Ape Shuffle 7inch that was released in conjunction with the Planet Of The Apes TV series in 1974. Again I used a snatch of vocal from DJ Shadow - High Noon EP.]
GHP - Drop The Bomb On The Mutha (12.00) [Main ingredients in this track are Tears For Fears - Mother's Talk with samples from Troublefunk - Drop The Bomb liberally spread throughout. Also dropped in 2 of my favourite breaks. Firstly 'Rollin' Over' by The Small Faces (also used in 'Work It Out With A Foxy Lady') and The Sex Pistols 'No Fun'.]
GHP - Rich Boys And Girls (14.56) [This was the original idea I had when I first got my hands on the 'Rich Man' vox but I felt Issac Hayes was a more interesting proposition to be paired with. A bit slack production-wise but after airing this a few times at recent gigs, the reactions seemed pretty cool.]
GHP - Emma's Knickers, Maybe (16.14-to end) [Just a little something sitting doing nothing on the hardrive. Mainly Emma Bunton - Maybe introduced to a break from the 2nd Jimi LP and some vocal samples from the 1968 UK film 'Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush'. Emma's main riff was looped-out for the DJ's to chat over but I've trimmed it by a minute for inclusion here.]

Comments by Mark Vidler January 2004

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