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GHP - Hed Kandi Session 14th November 2004

GHP - HED KANDY SESSION (128kbs/51mb/55mins)
Liquid Todd Solid State Show K-ROCK 92.3FM broadcast (Interview & Mix): 14th November 2004
Go Home Productions mp3 download 2004

GHP - Karmastition / interview (part1)
GHP - Turn Out The Light Slave / interview (part2)
45 min mix:

Stonebridge - Put em High (GHP New Years High remix)
GHP - Hella Lola
The Vines - Ride (GHP Rabbit Hole remix)
Husky Rescue - City Lights (GHP Prince Roxy remix)
GHP / Strictly Rockers - Freeezing Rain
GHP - Let It Go
GHP / Allen Dean - Abba & The Bunnymen
GHP - Notorious Trick
GHP - Rapture Riders
GHP - Missy Tiger
GHP - Jacko Under Pressure
GHP - Montell Benson

"Chat and 1 hour exclusive GHP mash-up Mix. Was quite an interesting interview with LT. We recorded it at his place straight after a chat with a certain Africa Bambaataa. The big man confessed to his love of mash-ups........No live internet stream for listeners outside of NYC but if you are in NYC, enjoy!" - Mark Vidler November 2004

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