Sunday, 20 December 2015

Swampmaster - Kalikimakamix

SWAMPMASTER - KALIKIMAKAMIX (320kbs/174mb/76mins)
December 2015

The Beach Boys - Blue Christmas (Capitol/EMI)
The Crystals - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Philles/Legacy/Sony Music)
Buchanan & Goodman with Paul Sherman - Santa & The Satellite (Part I) (Tramp)
Bootsy Collins - N-Yo-City (Shout! Factory/Evangeline)
Binky Griptite - Stone Soul Christmas (Tramp)
Dallas Frazier With Joe ''Fingers'' Carr - Up On The House Top (Trunk)
Arthur Lyman - Silent Night / Joy To The World (Trunk)
The Beach Boys - Winter Symphony (Capitol/EMI)
Timi Terrific And The Redheads - Black (Soul) Christmas (Tramp)
The Beach Boys - The Man With All The Toys (Capitol/EMI)
Bootsy Collins - Happy Holidaze (Shout! Factory/Evangeline)
Jimmy Jules & Nuclear Soul System - Xmas Done Got Funky (Tramp)
Meditation Singers - What The World Needs For Christmas (Tramp)
The Crystals - Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers (Philles/Legacy/Sony Music)
The Bionic I - Disco Claus (Tramp)
Bob B. Soxx And The Blue Jeans - The Bells Of St. Mary (Philles/Legacy/Sony Music)
Gary Walker - Santa's Got A Brand New Bag (Tramp)
Short Stuff - Merry Christmas Baby (Tramp)
Nancy Lee - Xmas Commercial Blues (Tramp)
Count Sidney & His Dukes - Soul Christmas Part 1 (Tramp)
The Beginning Of The End - Gee Whiz, It's Christmas (Tramp)
The Beach Boys - Santa's Got An Airplane (Capitol/EMI)
Martin Mull With The Sondra Baskin Glee Club - Santafly (Tramp)
Rev. T.L. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir - Jingle Bells (Tramp)
Bootsy Collins - Christmas Is 4 Ever (Shout! Factory/Evangeline)
Darlene Love - Marshmallow World (Philles/Legacy/Sony Music)
Perry Como - Twas The Night Before Christmas (Trunk)

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Big Jake Calls The Waders

BIG JAKE CALLS THE WADERS (320kbs/112mb/50mins)
UK, LP Millstream Records (SRTX-80-CUS598): 1980


BIG JAKE Calls the Waders

"When Alan Haven first mentioned the idea of this record to me, my immediate reaction was "Marvellous - about time". When later he played me the actual recordings, my reaction was absolute amazement. All I could do was splutter words like 'fabulous', 'unbelievable'. My further reaction was disbelief that these sounds were made by a human, until Alan pointed out the silent backgrounds, the lack of any other birds calling, the absence of any wind noise or indeed, any of the other multitude of extraneous noises attendant upon recordings made in the field. Add to all these the ever-so-subtle but, nevertheless, noticeable exaggerations in the calls and it at once becomes apparent that this is a studio-engineered recording, made entirely by people, but people with a very healthy knowledge of birds and particularly of bird sound. This it is, that makes this product so fabulously unique.

"In fifty years of watching and listening to birds, and in particular the waders, I can quite honestly say that this is one of the most exciting and invaluable ideas to happen to bird-watching. How I wish we had had such a help in the old days! The time I would have saved in knowing my birds by ear - because in this recording all that knowledge is readily available. The calls of the birds are clearly and simply demonstrated by jake Ward. A gentle giant of a man with an amazing ear. Gentle for the birds that is, but woebetide any potential egg-collector or pther disturber of the birds that crosses Jake's path. It is then he becomes a very angry giant, indeed. Many is the time he has sat an all-night watch over the reserve, damp and cold, to guard rare breeding birds and their eggs.

"The sounds are explained by Bryan Bland. A most happy choice, for here is a man well-versed in passing on knowledge to others and able to do it in a thorough and yet totally interesting manner. The stamp of the master teacher; equally caring and concerned for the birds and living in Cley because of them.

"Finally, all our thanks must go to another ardent conservationist, Alan Haven, the man who first dreamed up the idea, put it into practice and brought it to fruition. A musician by profession who has also chosen to live and work near the birds here on the north Norfolk coast. He it is who developed the special recording techniques that make this whole concept work so well, and working closely with Jake Ward and Bryan Bland, has created a team that has given to ornithology a completely new sound method.

"It is always exciting to witness the introduction of something new and different, and I believe this to be a most outstanding contribution to the art of bird recognition. I can only hope that this is the forerunner of a whole series of records, for it fills admirably, what has always been a large gap in our learning material. I am both proud and grateful for the opportunity to be associated with it by writing these sleeve notes. I only hope I do it credit, for it is truly an amazing piece of work."

W. F. Bishop
42 years Warden of the Norfolk Naturalists Trust's world famous reserve at Cley, Norfolk.


BAND A    Introduction

    (1) Oystercatcher        Haematopus ostralegus


    (2) Avocet            Recurvirostra avosetta


    (3) Stone Curlew        Burhinus oedicnemus


    (1) Little Ringed Plover    Charadrius dubius
    (2) Ringed Plover        Charadrius hiaticula
    (3) Kentish Plover        Charadrius alexandrinus
    (4) Dotterel            Eudromias morinellus
    (5) Golden Plover        Pluvialis apricaria
    (6) Grey Plover            Pluvialis squatarola
    (7) Lapwing            Vanellus vanellus



    (1) Knot            Calidris canutus
    (2) Sanderling            Calidris alba
    (3) Little Stint        Calidris minuta
    (4) Temminck's Stint        Calidris temminckii
    (5) Curlew Sandpiper        Calidris ferruginea
    (6) Purple Sandpiper        Calidris maritima
    (7) Dunlin            Calidris alpina

BAND B    (1) Black-tailed Godwit        Limosa limosa
    (2) Bar-tailed Godwit        Limosa lapponica
    (3) Whimbrel            Numenius phaeopus
    (4) Curlew            Numenius arquata

BAND C    (1) Spotted Redshank        Tringa erythropus
    (2) Common Redshank        Tringa totanus
    (3) Greenshank            Tringa nebularia
    (4) Green Sandpiper        Tringa ochropus
    (5) Wood Sandpiper        Tringa glareola
    (6) Common Sandpiper        Actitis hypoleucos
    (7) Turnstone            Arenaria interpres

BAND D    Conclusion

Commentary written and spoken by BRYAN BLAND
Devised, Produced and Engineered by ALAN HAVEN at his North Norfolk Coast Recording Studio

Beach Road
Norfolk NR25 7SR

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Richard Norris - In The Mix

RICHARD NORRIS - IN THE MIX (128kbs/52mb/57mins)
Mixmag download: 2014

Remain - Filthy Stitches (Click Box Remix)
Luluxpo - Inside My Head (Dombrance Remix)
Bleeping Source - Sounds and Storiees (Matt Walsh Remix)
Fat White Family - Auto Neutron (Ez Ra Mix)
Scott Hallam - Pork Fun Fair
Erol Alkan - Sub Conscious
Mijo - Esta En Ingles (Sonido Fantasma Remix)
Theus Mago - No Money (Idlr Remix)
Richard Norris - Let's Dance (Unreleased)
Statickman - Electric Force (Club Bizarre Electrified Version)

Richard Norris - The Ransom Note Mix

Ran$om Note download: 2014

Dark Strands - Wandering Star
Rubinskee - It's Not The Truth (Future Feelings Mix)
Man Power - Sweet Cornelius
La Royale - Pump Me Up (Mijo Dub)
Tronik Youth - Los Pollos Hermanos (Richard Sen Mix)
Rougerybare - The Fourth Dimension (Mike Witcombe Mix)
The Sonic Emporium - Atarashii
Richard Norris - Let's Dance
Luluxpo - Inside My Head (Dombrance Mix)

Richard Norris - Basement Filth Volume One

Throne Of Blood Podcast #036 download: September 2014

Tom Trago - Jack Me
Richard Norris - Yeah
Egbert - Straktrekken
Gaiser - Trashbend/Body Lost
Mugwump - Everything Remains
Pete Callard - Untitled 18 March
Jordan Fields - Pink Lillies
Titan - Galaxy
Dimitri Veimar - Kitchen
Munk - Intimate Stranger (Fabrizio Mammarella Mix)
Dimitri Veimar - Space Glue (Justin Robertson Deadstock 33's Mix)
Gatalepsia - Never Ready
Daniel Avery - Free Floating (Matt Walsh Mix)
Richard Rossa - Ram Young (Justin Robertson Deadstock 33's Mix)

The Time And Space Machine - Out Demons Out Mixx

UK, CD ["The Way Out Sound From In" Bonus CD] Ample Play (AMPLA090CD): 3rd September 2014

Abbie Hoffman And The Yippes Levitating The Pentagon
The Fantastic Zoo - Light Show
Country Joe & The Fish - The Masked Marauder
Bobak, Jons, Malone - Motherlight
The Masters Apprentices - War Or Hands Of Time
Fat Mattress - Magic Forest
Paul Mille & Son Orchestre - Organboe
The Fugs - Turn On / Tune In / Drop Out
Mad River - Amphetamine Gazelle
The Five Day Week Straw People - Five Day Week Straw People
Kak - Electric Sailor
Unknown - Unknown
Poll - Ela Hlie Mou
The Yellow Payges - Devil Woman
Sound Of Sunforest - Magician In The Mountain
J.K. & Co. - Fly
Tin Tin - Astral Taxi
The Fugs(?) - Unknown
The Zodiac - Taurus the Voluptuary
The Steve Miller Band - The Beauty of Time Is That It's Snowing (Psychedelic B.B.)
Madeleine Chartrand - Ani Kuni (Time and Space Machine Remix)

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lord Fitness & Pinchy Don - Le Pool

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 2015

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 12

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 14th May 2015

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 11

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 9th April 2015

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 10

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 5th March 2015

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 9

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 5th February 2015

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 8

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 4th December 2014

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 7

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 6th November 2014

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 6

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 2nd October 2014

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 5

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 4th September 2014

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 4

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 7th August 2014

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 3

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 3rd July 2014

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 2

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 4th June 2014

No tracklist available.

Deep Breakfast - Deep Breakfast 1

Download from Pinchy & Friends: 1st May 2014

No traclklist available.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Trypshop 13 12th August 2015

THE TRYPSHOP 13 12.08.15 (160kbs/87mb/76mins)
The Trypshop podcast presented by Mark Vidler

A show focusing on the 80's Psychedelic revivals that occured in the UK and USA. Includes a healthy selection from the Paisley Underground bands.

The Soft Boys - Underwater Moonlight (1980)
(Underwater Moonlight)
Nick Nicely - 49 Cigars (1981)
Mood Six - Just Like A Dream (1981)
(A Splash Of Colour)
The Fleshtones - Shadow Line (1981)
(Roman Gods)
Plasticland - Color Appreciation (1981)
(Color Appreciation)
The Television Personalities - I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (1981)
(7" Single)
The Times - Red With Purple Flashes (1981)
(7" Single)
The Chesterfield Kings - The Hustler (1982)
(Here Are The Chesterfield Kings)
The Three O' Clock - I Go Wild (1982)
(Baroque Hoedown)
The Bangs - The Real World (1982)
(7" Single)
The Unclaimed - No Apology (1983)
(Primordial Ooze Flavored)
The Long Ryders - And She Rides (1983)
The Dream Syndicate - Tell Me When It's Over (1983)
(Days Of Wine And Roses)
The Jetset - The Jetset Theme (1983)
(The Best Of The Jetset)
The Prisoners - Love Me Lies (1983)
The Playn Jayn - You Weren't Born You Were Created (1984)
(Friday The 13th At The Marquee)
The Rain Parade - You are My Friend (1984)
(Explosions In The Glass Palace)
Green On Red - Sea Of Cortez (1985)
(Gas Food Lodging)
The Fuzztones - Bad News Travels Fast (1984)
(Lysergic Emanations)
The United States Of Existence - Makin' My Scene (1984)
The Revolving Paint Dream - Flowers In The Sky (1984)
(7" Single)
Naz Nomad & The Nightmares - Nobody But Me (1984)
(Give Daddy The Knife Cindy)
Dukes Of Stratosphear - Bike Ride to The Moon (1985)
(25 O' Clock)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

GHP - Sleazy Egyptian EP (Video)

Go Home Productions video download 8th August 2015

01 Go Home Productions - Sleazy Egyptian
02 Go Home Productions - Peculiar Bop
03 Go Home Productions - Drive My Romeo
04 Go Home Productions - Get Horny

GHP - Sleazy Egyptian EP

Go Home Productions mp3 download 8th August 2015

01 Go Home Productions - Sleazy Egyptian
02 Go Home Productions - Peculiar Bop
03 Go Home Productions - Drive My Romeo
04 Go Home Productions - Get Horny

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Swampmaster - Crexmixx

July 2015

Psychemagik - Bass Purr (Psychemagik)
Funkadelic - Ain't That Funkin' Kind Of Hard On You (Louie Vega Remix) (Vega)
Caribou - Your Love Will Set You Free (c2's Set U Free RMX) (Jiaolong)
Soul Clap - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Soul Clap Edit) (Gator Boots)
Psychemagik - Rated X (Hot Midnight)
Daniel Avery - New Energy (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re-animation) (Phantasy Sound)
Caribou - Our Love (Daphni Mix) (Jiaolong)
James Blake - 200 Press (1-800 Dinosaur)
Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance (Psychemagik Dub) (The Vinyl Factory)
Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Extended Mix) (Jiaolong)
Sherwood & Pinch - Music Killer (Dubplate Pressure) (On-U Sound)
Youth - Wasp (Blood Solution) (Remix Of ''The Wasp'') (Monstrous Bubble)
Cranium Pie's Baking Research Centre - Wasped (Remix Of ''The Wasp'') (Monstrous Bubble)
Syd Arthur - Edge Of The Universe (Monstrous Bubble)

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Swampmaster - Crexmix

June 2015

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Everything Was Very Simple (A)
Killah Dub Meets Ghetto Priest & Rebel MC AKA Congo Natty - Garrison Town 2012 (Extended Mix) (Defragmented)
40 Thieves - The Sandpiper (Psychemagik Remix) (Leng)
Psychemagik - Wake Up Everybody (Psychemagik)
Psychemagik - Triumph Of The Gods (Phonica)
Walter ''Whiz'' Whisenhunt Orchestra featuring Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is A Hurting Thing (Music Gallery Recordings)
Psychemagik - Feelin Love (Psychemagik)
Dark Seed - The Bell (Ohmega)
Roisin Murphy - In Sintesi (Psychemagik Remix) (The Vinyl Factory)
Syd Arthur - Ode - Summer Is Leaving Me Behind (Monstrous Bubble)
Lana Del Ray - Summertime Sadness (Asadinho Vocal Mix) (Reverberations Music)
Temples - Shelter Song (Jagwar Ma Jono's Wrong Mix) (Heavenly)
Aphex Twin - XMAS_EVET1 N (Warp)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Swampmaster - On-Utoomix

SWAMPMASTER - ON-UTOOMIX (320kbs/174mb/76mins)
17th May 2015

Primal Scream - JU-87 (Creation)
Dub Syndicate feat. Bim Sherman - Mafia (DJ Scruff Remix) (Echo Beach)
Jeb Loy Nichols - To Be Rich Is a Crime (Echo Beach)
Vivien Goldman - Private Armies Dub (On-U Sound)
Dub Syndicate - Private I (Lion & Roots)
Sherwood & Pinch - Run Them Away (On-U Sound)
Keith LeBlanc & Bim Sherman - The Beast (Echo Beach)
Dub Syndicate - What Happened (On-U Sound)
The Strange Parcels - Hearts Desire (On-U Sound)
Mark Stewart - Secret Suburbia (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
Keith LeBlanc & Interference - React Like This (Echo Beach)
Mark Stewart - Strange Cargo (Crippled Dick Hot Wax!)
Che - (Be My) Powerstation (Virgin)
Strange Parcels - Disconnection (Original Mix) (Virgin)
African Head Charge Versus Professor Stretch - The Fullness (On-U Sound)

Friday, 15 May 2015

Luke Vibert - Solid Steel 8th May 2015

Ninja Tune download: 8th May 2015

Grandmaster International - Dub Be Good To Message
Digital Rascal - Fix Up Humpty
Dizzee Club - Genius Look Sharp
George, Aretha & RPM - I Knew 2000
Ragga Houston - Juggling Baby
Ragga Jackson - Another Part Of Juggling
Emanuelle Jackson - Bad Moments
The Luther Abrams - Ceiling
Candy Jets - Evolution Crush
Drexcipan - Ghostbang
Pamela & LFO - Kickin' Track
FSOL Lyce - Sex, Lies And Calcium
AFX Jackson - Rock With Joyrex
Beats Renegade - Dub Terrorist

Caribou - Solid Steel 24th April 2015

Ninja Tune download: 24th April 2015

Oma. Irama & Rite - Biduan
Rome Sithammarat - Sao New Look
Paternoster - Old Danube
Melvin Ukachi - Come And Dance
Percussions - 07 Nov 2011
Marcus Mixx - Psychousic (12" Club Mix)
K Hand - Come On Now Baby
Underground Resistance - Hardlife (Aaron Carl Remix)
DBX - Squirrel Bait
Sueno Latino - Sueno Latino (Derrick May's Illusion First Mix)
Steve Parks - Still Thinking of You
Magnetic Touch - Falling In Love With A Dream
Mike James Kirkland - Hang On In There
The Valentines - Breakaway
Nohelani Cypriano - Lihue
Marcos Valle - Mais Do Que Valsa
Darondo - Didn't I
Albert Ayler - Heart Love

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Kerrier District - B.Traits Mix 4th April 2015

BBC Radio 1 broadcast: 4th April 2015

Kerrier District - Showbix (Hypercolour)
Cerrone - Strip Tease
Moebius - Light My Fire
Kerrier District - Discotron
Kerrier District - Rock the Discotek (Hypercolour)
Richie Rome - Busy Body
The Flying Lizards - Money B

Intro Interview: 192kbs/6mb/4mins

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Jonny Trunk - Into The Music Library

BBC Radio 4 broadcast: 12th April 2011

"It's the music which has surrounded us our whole lives, but which most of us have never quite heard let alone listened to... and nearly all of it made in the UK.

Sometimes called 'Source music', 'Mood Music' or as it's best known, 'Library music': a hugely important part of British sonic history. Its use and purpose is simple: it's well produced, economic music for film, TV, advertising and radio. Never commercially available to the general public, this music was pressed onto vinyl from the 1950s onwards in short, limited quantities and then sent directly to TV production houses and radio stations for use when necessary.

From the mid 1960s onwards, as TV and radio productions expanded, so did library music usage. As a result the golden age of TV (and our memories of it) is not only punctuated but dominated by classic library music.

Sports themes, situation comedies, game shows, cartoons, talk shows, classic children's tv, the testcards and even Farmhouse Kitchen was brought to us all with the help of library music. Themes for Terry And June, Grange Hill, Mastermind, Match Of The Day and of course that gallery tune from Vision On are all well placed library cues. But there are reels (and reels) of gorgeously crafted, equally great stuff that never made it past the elevator door! We have been surrounded by it forever, but we know so little about it.... Where does it comes from? Who actually makes it? And how do you actually set about making music for the inside of a waiting area, a lift or for a plane before it takes off?

In this first ever documentary about library music we'll look into its history (starting in 1909), speak with the dynastic library owners (de Wolfe, KPM, John Gale), We find out what's it's like to make music to imaginary pictures by speaking to the library music makers (which could include Jimmy Page and Brian Eno), and even have a word with the Musicians Union who banned UK recording of library music throughout the late 60s.

We also talk to the modern day enthusiasts, the collectors (Jerry Dammers) and explore the contemporary influences of this extraordinary musical genre. And of course re-acquaint ourselves with some of the most familiar music we've never listened to!

Presented by collector and archivist Jonny Trunk.

Jonny Trunk - Sounds Of The 70s

BBC Radio 3 broadcast: 25th December 2010

No tracklist available.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Jonny Trunk - Fabric Podcast 5

Fabric download: 23rd January 2008

Francis Lai - Number One (WIP)
Willie Rosario - Shining Knight (Honest Jon's)
Sergio Mendes - Righteous Life (A&M)
Oddi - Style (RCA)
Burt Bacharach - Something Big (A&M)
Ian McCulloch - Down By The River (Decca)
Wolfgang Dauner - A Day In The Life (MPS)
Johanischer Chor - Berceuse (BBC)
Corviria - Seagull Song (Squirrel)
The Michael Garrick Trio - Sketches Of Israel (Trunk)
Sahib Shihab - Just Give Me Time (Vogue)
John Baker - Dial M For Murder (BBC)
Carl Craig - At Les (Buzz)

Jonny Trunk - Fabric Podcast 4

Fabric download: 8th January 2008

Louis Bacalov - La Suduzione / Nago (Fonit)
Krzysztof Komeda - Cul De Sac (Polydor)
Balsara And His Singing Sitars - My Favourite Things (EMI)
Johnny Pearson - Mini Clarinette (KPM)
Vladimir Cosma - Peter And The Dog (MPI)
Mike Sammes Singers - Timex (Trunk)
Ciprani - Hot Skin (Cam)
Ennio Morricone - Ninna Nanna Per Adulteri (Ipecac)
Westway Studio Orchestra - Parenthesis (Southern)
Michel LeGrand & Sally Stevens - Ask Yourself Why (UA)
Ennio Morricone - The Big Silence (Beat)
Yusef Lateef - Love Theme From Spartacus (Fontana)
Danny Kaye - Inchworm (Ace of Hearts)
David Shire - The Conversation (Paramount)

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Adrian Sherwood - NTS Radio 31st March 2015

NTS Radio broadcast: 31st March 2015

01. Primal Scream - Living Dub
02. Junior Delgado - Sing Me A Song Of Revolution
03. RiRa - 25 O'clock In The Morning
04. Simon Bogle & Ghetto Priest - Dry Bone
05. 3 Head - Mad Dub (Adrian Sherwood Remix)
06. Natasja - 45 Questions (Congo Natty Remix)
07. LSK - unreleased
08. Primal Scream - JU-87

09. Audio Active - Happy Shopper
10. Mark Stewart & Maffia - Hysteria
11. Tackhead - Mechanical Movements
12. Strange Parcels - All Souls
13. Tackhead - Einstein
14. Creation Rebel - The Dope
15. Ghetto Priest - Jah Set Me Free
16. Sister P - Years Ahead
17. Singers & Players - Quanté Jubila
18. Dub Syndicate (Feat Dr. Alimantado) - Natty Dread Roots Jungle
19. Dub Syndicate - One In A Billion
20. Dub Syndicate (Feat. Gregory Isaacs) - Kingston 14
21. Dub Syndicate - Japanese Record
22. Dub Syndicate - Stoned Immaculate
23. Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Syndicate - Train To Doomsville
24. Bim Sherman - Fly Away
25. Dub Syndicate (Feat. Bunny Wailer) - Bless My Soul

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Adrian Sherwood - RA.EX243 Interview

Resident Advisor Exchange podcast: 26th March 2015

"Adrian Sherwood's love affair with reggae began as a teenager in High Wycombe. He started DJing in his early teens and then threw himself into the music industry—by the time he was 20 he had run a record shop, set up a distribution company and run multiple record labels. In the 1980s he forged a name for himself as a producer, putting his own distinctive, uncluttered stamp on all kinds of music, from reggae to industrial to jazz. The number of projects he's leant his name to is staggering. He's made psychedelic Afro-dub with Africa Head Charge, remixed Depeche Mode, hit the studio with Lee 'Scratch' Perry, dabbled in experimental hip-hop with Tackhead and overseen reggae collectives like Singers & Players. He burst out of the blocks in 2015, releasing a collaborative album with Pinch and starting a new compilation series called At The Controls. He stopped by our London office this month to discuss the highs and lows of his four-decade career."

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Adrian Sherwood - NTS Radio 24th March 2015

NTS Radio broadcast: 24th March 2015

01. Burning Spear - Ethiopians Live It Out
02. Harry Beckett - The Story Teller
03. Ital Horns & Dub Syndicate - Crispy Doctor
04. Mulatu Astatke - Tezeta
05. Joe Higgs - Big Friend
06. Orchestre De La Pailote - Kadia Blues
07. Bim Sherman - Bewildered
08. Bim Sherman - Tribulation
09. Elvis Presley - Blue Moon
10. Little Axe - Blue
11. Bim Sherman - My Woman
12. Roots Manuva - A Haunting
13. The Last Poets - Black People What Y'all Gonna Do
14. Bahta Gebre Heywet - Ewnet Yet Lagenesh
15. Prince Far I - Deck of Cards
16. Prince Far I - Psalm One
17. Roy Shirley - Israelites Leave Babylon
18. Prince Jazzbo - Natty Pass Through Rome
19. Congo Natty - Chase The Devil (Dubplate)
20. Congo Natty & Ms Dynamite - Waiting in Vain (Dubplate)
21. Leroy Smart - Waiting In Vain
22. Tinga Stewart - Hit Song
23. Lord Kitchener - Dr Kitch
24. Delroy Wilson - Dancing Mood
25. Bobby Melody - Jah Bring I Joy In The Morning
26. Dennis Brown - Here I Come
27. Traffic Jam & The Wailers - History Book Dub
28. King Tubby - Reach Out For Love Dub
29. Leon Hyatt - 40 Days & Nights
30. Winston McAnuff - Ugly Days
31. Junior Delgado - Fort Augustus
32. Lee Perry & Adrian Sherwood - Stagger
33. Gregory Isaacs - Babylon Too Rough

34. Keith Hudson - Unknown
35. Unknown - from "Éthiopiques"

Monday, 23 March 2015

Jonny Trunk - FACT Mix 471

JONNY TRUNK - FACT MIX 471 (320kbs/139mb/61mins)
FACT Magazine download: 20th November 2014

Unknown - Guide To Oral Sex (unreleased)
Mean - You
Unknown - Flugerenden
Hazlewood / Trey - Hot Water
Golden Ring 6 - Pace
Jacky Giordano - Screw On
Don Cherry - The Sapphic Sleep
Taking Off - Ode To A Screw
Frankie Bones - The Wizard
Bruton Library - Metallic Doings
Fox - Electro People
Anthony Newley / Delia Derbyshire - Moogies Bloogies (unreleased)
Platonos - Shadows Of Blood
Jarre - Eyes Without A Face
Libby - See Saw
Heath Bros - Smilin Billy
Kathy Bobo Bates - Even The Horses Had Wings
Lindt - Underwater Boy
Herrmann - Airlock
Torrossi - Makkaresh
Jiants - Tornadeo
Elsie - Ghost Horse
Jonny Trunk - Sea Drift (unreleased)

Jonny Trunk - 6 Mix 6th June 2004

BBC 6 Music broadcast: 6th June 2004

Jonny Trunk - Sister Wu
Lemon Jelly - Homage To Patagonia
Belle & Sebastian - Legal Man
Broadcast - Before We Begin
Stereolab - Si Bell’s Reverie
Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy (Little Lord Faulteroy Mix)
Khan feat. Julie Cruz - Say Goodbye (Losoul “She’s Homeless” Mix)
Orchester Roland Kovac - Dabada-Ba
Fred Karlin - You’re Hip Miss Pastorfield
Ray Baretto - 007
Alessandro Alessandroni - In Crociera
Berto Pissano - To Jean
Francois De Roubaix - The Hitman
The Cure - Lovecats (12” Version)
Elvis Presley - Crawfish
The Silhouettes - Norwegian Wood
Elephant’s Willow - Old Man Willow

Jonny Trunk - Mix
Herbert Chappell - The Gonk
L Crannon - Turkish Delight
The Muppets - Mahna Mahna
Frank Churchill - Pink Elephants On Parade
Lloyd Charmers - Shaft
Sandy Shaw - Reviewing The Situation
New Faces - You’ll Be Too Late
Henry Mancini - Theme From MASH (Suicide Is Painless)
Eydie Gorme - Moon River
Carl Orff - Gassenhouer
Jonny Trunk - Zeus

Friday, 20 March 2015

Adrian Sherwood - NTS Radio 17th March 2015

NTS Radio broadcast: 17th March 2015

01. Creation Rebel - Space Movement
02. Judy Nylon And Crucial - Information Rain
03. Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry
04. Ministry - Unknown
05. Prince Far I - Nuclear Weapon
06. Singers & Players - Bedward The Flying Preacher
07. Mark Stewart & Maffia - As The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade
08. Fats Comet - Bop Bop
09. Depeche Mode - People Are People (On-U Sound Remix)
10. Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Train To Doomsville
11. Singers & Players - Quanté Jubila
12. Shriekback - Mistah Linn He Dead
13. Keith LeBlanc - Object-Subject (Breakdown's Not Enough)
14. Dr Pablo & Dub Syndicate - Dr Who?
15. Annie Anxiety - Third Gear Kills
16. African Head Charge - Far Away Chant
17. Fats Comet with DJ Cheese - King Of The Beat
18. Mark Stewart - Hypnotised
19. Deadly Headley - Unknown 

20. Playgroup - Bomb's Scare
21. Playgroup - Haphazard
22. Playgroup - Epic Sound Battles
23. The Slits - Man Next Door
24. Creation Rebel - Independant Man
25. Unknown - Unknown

26. Vivien Goldman - Private Armies Dub