Sunday, 16 December 2018

Thom Yorke - Late Junction Mixtape

THOM YORKE - LATE JUNCTION MIXTAPE 08.11.18 (320kbs-m4a/69mb/30mins)
BBC Radio 3 broadcast: 8th November 2018

Composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Thom Yorke compiles a mixtape.

Yorke made his name in alternative-rock band Radiohead in the 1990s. Their electronic forays became increasingly experimental in the early 2000s, and Yorke has continued to work with electronic textures as a solo artist and collaborator with the likes of Four Tet and Flying Lotus. He composes for film and theatre, and his first feature-film soundtrack is released this autumn.

Yorke’s mixtape reflects his immersion in electronic music across the generations, from Pierre Henry through Aphex Twin to Mars89, as well as his love of experimental vocal techniques, mixing in a classic work by Stockhausen, and krautrockers Faust.

Produced by Jack Howson for Reduced Listening.

Ben Vida - Damaged Particulates [Shelter Press]
Faust - Exercise - With Voices [ReR Megacorp]
Karlheinz Stockhausen - Gesang Der Jünglinge [Deutsche Grammophon]
Carl Stone - Shing Kee [Unseen Worlds‎]
Mars89 - End Of The Death [Bokeh Versions]
Bernard Parmegiani - Conjugaison Du Timbre [INA-GRM]
Aphex Twin - Disk Aud1_12 [Warp]
The Beacon Sound Choir - Drone 3 [First Terrace]
Pierre Henry - Astrology [Ducretet-Thomson (London)]
Alvin Lucier - Criss-Cross / Hanover [Black Truffle]
Faust - Untitled [Virgin]

Intro (320kbs-m4a/9mb/4mins)
Outro (320kbs-m4a/5mb/2mins)

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