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Brian Blessed's Radio Adventures

BRIAN BLESSED'S RADIO ADVENTURES (320kbs-m4a/410mb/2hrs58mins)
BBC Radio 4 Extra broadcast: 27th October 2018

Arthur Bostrom meets with Brian Blessed to celebrate the adventurer's remarkable life and career as presented on radio.

A giant of a man accompanied by an eloquent wit and booming, operatic voice the boisterous British actor Brian Blessed is known for his hearty, king-sized portrayals on film and TV, however what is often overlooked is his fascinating career in radio.

There are over 40 years of recordings in the BBC radio archives, including hilarious interviews, dramas, poetry readings and panel shows. He's presented Down Your Way, appeared on the nature series Sounds Natural and hosted his own radio show. As a regular guest Brian Blessed has been interviewed on a diverse number of subjects and memorably on BBC Radio 4's Midweek revealing how he helped to deliver a baby in a South London park.

With an enthusiastic audience at the BBC Radio Theatre in London, Arthur introduces extracts and programmes from Brian's radio years to build an enthralling and unique insight into the actor and explorer's life. In in his own irreverent style Brian reveals a passion for radio which has rarely been discussed.

Programmes include:

* Down Your Way: Stratford Shakespeare
Actor Brian Blessed was to have gone to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford straight after drama school. Instead he joined Z Cars and was unable to do a Season until 1984, he returns in this episode from 1991.

* Sounds Natural:
Brian Blessed discusses with Derek Jones his interest in wildlife & mountaineering & chooses some recordings from the BBC's Sound Archive, in an episode from 1975.

* Outlook - Galahad of Everest:
Brian Blessed talks to John Waite about his expedition to climb Everest in the footsteps of George Mallory.

* The Brian Blessed Show:
A programme from 1988 where Brian Blessed talks to theatre critic Jack Tinker about his career.

Producer: Stephen Garner

Made for BBC Radio 4 Extra and first broadcast in October 2016.

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