Friday, 6 July 2018

Sound of Cinema: 203. A Martian Sends A Postcard Home...

SOUND OF CINEMA: 203. A MARTIAN SENDS A POSTCARD HOME... (320kbs-m4a/135mb/59mins)
BBC Radio 3 broadcast: 12th May 2018

Matthew Sweet looks at films that explore clashes of culture and presents a mix of music for the screen which underscore the world as it might appear from the perspective of someone from another world.

Films on his list include "My Favourite Martian"; "Species"; "The Man Who Fell To Earth"; "The Day The Earth Stood Still"; "Vikaren"; "K-Pax"; "The Brother From Another Planet"; ""PK" and "District 9".

The Classic Score of the Week is Jerry Goldsmith's "Star Trek - The Motion Picture".

This week's featured new release is James Cameron Mitchell's "How To Talk To Girls At Parties" featuring new music by Nico Muhly.

George Greeley - My Favourite Martian (1963-66): Theme [Silva Screen]
John Debney - My Favourite Martian(1999): Medley
Christopher Young - Species (1995): Main Title
Stomu Yamashta - The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976): Poker Dice [UMC]
Stomu Yamashta - The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976): Space Capsule [UMC]
Bernard Herrmann - The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951): Prelude - Outer Space - Radar [20th Century Fox]
Marco Beltrami - Vikaren (The Substitute) (2007): Main Title
Edward Shearmur - K-Pax (2001): 27th July [Universal Classics]
Mason Daring - The Brother From Another Planet (1984): Dos Chase [Daring]
Shantanu Moitra - PK (2014): PK Dance Theme
Clinton Shorter - District 9 (2009): District 9 [District 9 Ltd]
Jerry Goldsmith - Star Trek, The Motion Picture (1979): Ilia's Theme [Columbia]
Jerry Goldsmith - Star Trek, The Motion Picture (1979): The Enterprise [Columbia]
Nico Muhly - How To Talk To Girls At Parties (2018): Requiem [Sony]
John Williams - ET (1982): I'm Keeping Him [MCA]
Murray Gold - Dr Who Series 9 (2017): Shepherd's Boy [Silva Screen]

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