Saturday, 2 July 2011

Lemon Jelly - Jelly Mixture

LEMON JELLY - JELLY MIXTURE (320kbs/136mb/59mins)
UK, Internal Promo CD
Playlouder "Virtual Glastonbury" internet broadcast: 22nd June 2001

Andy Statman
- Flatbush Waltz (Rounder)
Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic 5
- Can I Get A Soul Clap (Disco Wax)
- Positive-ism (Underdog Remix) (NT)
James Bond
- Welcome (Bond)
James Last
- Feel Alright (Polydor)
The Cadets
- Love Bandit (Oldies)
Tsunami One
- Number 43 With Steamed Rice Please (Kickin/Fuel)
Kiki Dee Band
- I've Got The Music In Me (Rocket)
Sesame Street Original Cast - Number Five (Columbia)
Freddie Fresh
- C'Mon (Eye Q)
Shirley Ellis
- The Name Game (Congress)
The Lone Ranger
- It's Yours (Walis)
Lemon Jelly
- The Staunton Lick (Impotent Fury)
- Come And Get It (Apple)
John Barry Seven & Orchestra
- Cutty Sark (Columbia)
Bernard Cribbins
- My Resistance Is Low (EMI)
Donald Fagen
- The New Frontier (MCA)
Lyndon David Hall
- Forgive Me (Artful Dodger Remix) (-)
Octave One
- Point Blank (430 West)
Busta Rhymes
- Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Elektra)
Lemon Jelly
- Page One (Impotent Fury)
Ambassadors Of Funk feat. MC Mario
- Super Mario Land (Living Beat)
Cutty Ranks
- The Stepper (Fashion)
- Let It All Hang Out (Uppercut)
- Tipper Gore (Under 5's)
The Presidents Of The United States Of America
- Peaches (Columbia)
Frank Sinatra
- Vegas Monologue (Capitol)
Sammy Davis Jr.
- I Want To Be You With You (Reprise)
Lemon Jelly
- His Majesty King Raam (Remix feat. MC Reba) (Impotent Fury)
Soft Rock
- Rock (White Label)

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