Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Neil Brand - The Haunting Of M.R. James

NEIL BRAND - THE HAUNTING OF M.R. JAMES (320jbs-m4a/131mb/57mins)
BBC Radio 4 broadcast: 22nd December 2018

Starring Mark Gatiss. Every Christmas, the master of the ghost story, M.R. James would read a tale to his Cambridge students. In this original chilling drama he finds horrific events from those stories are echoed in reality alongside the inevitable forces of change and modernism.

M.R. James ..... Mark Gatiss
Gwendolyn MacBryde ..... Fenella Woolgar
Jack Pownall ..... Ryan Whittle
Dr. Luxmoore ..... Gerard McDermott
Davey Steadman ..... Cameron Percival
Sellerman ..... Ronny Jhutti
Jukes ..... Michael Bertenshaw
Grant ..... Tony Turner
Thomas Herrick ..... Ewan Bailey
Dr. Cameron ..... Chris Harper
Webb ..... Sam Dale
Student ..... Lewis Bray

Director: David Hunter.

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