Monday, 27 August 2018

A To Z Of Psychedelia On 6 Music

A TO Z OF PSYCHEDELIA ON 6 MUSIC (320kbs-m4a/1.38gb/13hrs51mins)
BBC Radio 6 Music podcast: 16th/17th July 2018

A definitive, but light-hearted look at the world of mid to late-Sixties psychedelia. Exploring the world changing counter-culture on both sides of the Atlantic via music, art, mind-bending band names and an impressive rogues gallery. Paying homage to legends such as Hendrix and Pink Floyd whilst celebrating lesser-known artists like Linda Perhacs. Some wonderful stories too - George Clinton’s hair-straightening job, The Beatles’ chauffeur on backing vocals and what Brian Wilson and his brothers did when their mum and dad went on holiday. Researched and presented by BBC 6 Music’s Marc Riley and music journalist Rob Hughes. Adult themes and drugs references mentioned throughout.

01. A is for Acid, Animals and Ambrose Slade
02. B is for Barrett, Buckley and Byrds
03. C is for Cream, Crazy World and Chocolate Watchband
04. D is for Doors, Donovan and Dantalian's Chariot
05. E is for Easy Riders, Experiments and Electric Prunes
06. F is for Funkadelic, Fairport and Flowers
07. G is for Groundhogs, Garcia and Grace Slick
08. H is for Hendrix, Head and Hapshash
09. I is for International Times, Iron Butterfly and Incredible String Band
10. J & K are for Jefferson Airplane, John's Children and Kevin Ayers
11. L is for Love, Lewis Carroll and Lucy In The Sky
12. M is for Move, Monterey and Moby Grape. Part 1
13. M is for Moody Blues, Misunderstood and Magical Mystery Tour. Part 2
14. M is for Middle Earth, Mardas and Mamas and Papas. Part 3
15. N is for Nirvana, Nice and Nuggets
16. O is for Owsley Stanley, Other Half and Os Mutantes
17. P is for Prankster, Procul Harem and Pink Floyd. Part 1
18. P is for Parliament, Pearly Queens and Pink Fairies. Part 2
19. P is for Peel, Protest and Purple Band. Part 3
20. Q & R are for Quicksilver, Roky and Rolling Stones
21. S is for Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Part 1
22. S is for Seeds, Sky Saxon and Strawberry Alarm Clock. Part 2
23. S is for Skip Spence, Studios and Syd Barrett. Part 3
24. S is for Small Faces and Steve Marriot. Part 4
25. S is for Smoke, Shankar and Strawberry Fields. Part 5
26. S is for Steppenwolf, Spirit and Sly Stone. Part 6
27. S is for Soft Machine, Simon Dupree and Side Trips. Part 7
28. T is for T-Rex, Trip and Tintern Abbey. Part 1
29. T is for Traffic, Tomorrow and Technicolour Dream. Part 2
30. U & V are for UFO, Vanilla Fudge and United States of America
31. V is for Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart. Part 1
32. V is for Voorman, Vincebus Eruptum and Velvet Underground. Part 2
33. W is for Woodstock and Brian Wilson's Beach Boys
34. W, X & Y are for Who, Yardbirds and West Coast
35. Y & Z are for Yellow Submarine and Zombies
36. Z is for Zappa and Year Zero

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