Sunday, 5 November 2017

Sound Of Cinema: 184. Neo-noir

SOUND OF CINEMA: 184. NEO-NOIR (320kbs-m4a/135mb/59mins)
BBC Radio 3 broadcast: 7th October 2017

With Blade Runner 2049 hitting cinemas Matthew Sweet dons his trilby and gumshoes and prowls the mean streets to bring us music from some of the best neo-noir films around. He'll be hunting replicants in the rain-drenched neon of Los Angeles, snowbound in Fargo, spinning webs of lies with The Usual Suspects and caught in a tangled trail of corruption in Chinatown.

Robert Rodriguez - Sin City (2005) [Varese Sarabande]
Martial Solal - A Bout De Souffle (1960): La Mort / New York Herald [Universal]
Carter Burwell - Fargo (1996): Fargo, North Dakota / Forced Entry [TVT]
John Ottman - The Usual Suspects (1995): Main Theme / I Work For Keyser Soze [Milan]
Angelo Badalamenti - Blue Velvet (1986): Main Title / Night Streets / Sandy & Jeffrey [Varese Sarabande]
Carter Burwell - The Man Who Wasn't There (2001): The Trial Of Ed Crane [Decca]
Jerry Goldsmith - L.A. Confidential (1997): Bloody Christmas [Varese Sarabande]
Jerry Goldsmith - Chinatown (1974): Main Title / Noah Cross / Jake And Evelyn [Varese Sarabande]
Vangelis - Blade Runner (1982): Main Title [East West]
Hans Zimmer - Blade Runner 2049 (2017): Memory [Alcon Sleeping Giant]
Roy Budd - Phantom Of The Opera (1925): Ballerinas [Mishka]

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