Friday, 17 November 2017

Jane Weaver - Late Junction Mixtape

JANE WEAVER - LATE JUNCTION MIXTAPE 29.09.17 (320kbs-m4a/62mb/27mins)
BBC Radio 3 broadcast: 29th September 2017

Earlier in the year, singer Jane Weaver released Modern Kosmology, her latest psychedelic distillation of obscure and vintage influences. In this Late Junction mixtape she shares a selection of these sounds at first hand.

Born in 1970s' Liverpool, Weaver's solo career has taken off in recent years with releases that reflect an interest in Krautrock, female punk, no-wave, synth pop and psych-folk. She shares others' music through the Bird Records label that she runs and she's an avid collector too: her mixtape reflects this, delving into her extensive vinyl library to present recent discoveries, including captivating Egyptian singer Nagat Al-Saghira, obscure soundtrack pieces, and music that has been inspiring her since her teens.

Produced by Alannah Chance for Reduced Listening.

David Axelrod - The Warnings Part 1 [Stateside]
Nagat al-Saghira - Ana Bashaa El Bahr [Sout El Phan]
The Inner Space - Michele Ist Da [Wah Wah]
Alpes - Thème En Bref [Disques Festival]
Acanthus - Flightless Bird [Finders Keepers]
John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Song For John (Bonus Track) [ADA Global]
Kitaro - Seiun [Geffen]
Hawkwind - Joker At The Gate [RCA]
Luc Marianni - Part 7. Thème Central [Upon Tyne]
Donovan - The Swan (Lord Of The Reedy River) [EMI]

Intro (320kbs-m4a/7mb/3mins)

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