Monday, 7 November 2016

Raw Meat Radio

BBC Radio 4 Extra broadcast: 22nd October 2016

Chris Morris is known by most for his ground-breaking film and television work but, like most good things he 'started on the radio'. Described by the man who suspended him from Radio 1 (Matthew Bannister) as 'one of the greatest talents working in British broadcasting', Morris developed his anarchic and surreal style in local radio. It was at BBC Bristol and GLR in the late 80s and early 90s that he honed his trademark technical skills and first adopted some of the sketches and personas that would later help make his name.

He went on to be responsible for some of the most exciting, innovative radio comedy ever made including On The Hour (Radio 4), Why Bother (Radio 3) and Blue Jam (Radio 1). BBC Radio 4 Extra airs a three hour retrospective of his work including material that hasn't been aired since it was first broadcast.

From his local radio days to On the Hour, Why Bother and Blue Jam, Raw Meat Radio is presented by Mary Anne Hobbs (Morris' last radio outing was a guest DJ slot on her Radio 1 show: The Breezeblock) and features original interviews with Armando Iannucci, Matthew Bannister, Peter Baynham, David Quantick, Paul Garner, Adrian Sutton and Lucian Randall.

Produced by Sophie Black.

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