Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Bob Dylan: Changing Times - 3. 1979: Slow Train Coming

BOB DYLAN: CHANGING TIMES - 3. 1979: SLOW TRAIN COMING (320kbs-m4a/69mb/30mins)
BBC Radio 6 Music broadcast: 15th December 2016

John Wilson looks back to 1979, when, once again, Bob Dylan marked the end of a decade by making some major changes in his life and career. He embraced Christianity, spent several months in Bible School and recorded a Gospel album, Slow Train Coming. When he tried to evangelize Jerry Wexler in the studio, the wily producer replied 'Bob, you're dealing with a sixty-two-year-old confirmed Jewish atheist. I'm hopeless. Let's just make an album'.

To the frustration of some of his fans, subsequent concerts were all-Gospel events. Dylan refused to play any of his old material, tended to give sermons between songs - even dismissing hecklers who demanded rock-n-roll with the words. 'You wanna rock-n-roll you can go down and rock-n-roll. You can go see Kiss and you rock-n-roll all your way down to the pit.'.

First broadcast on 6 Music in 2009.

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