Thursday, 12 October 2017

Andrew Weatherall - Freak Zone Playlist 24th September 2017

ANDREW WEATHERALL - FREAK ZONE PLAYLIST 24.09.17 (320kbs-m4a/134mb/58mins)
BBC Radio 6 Music broadcast: 24th September 2017

Somewhere within an area bounded by Zola's residence in exile, Pissarro's paint pots, Marconi's mistakenly Martian message receiver and the site of a Spurgeon sermon, lies a tract of boggy ground of which not even ardent foragers are aware.

It was whilst digging for peat on this land that my spade struck the metal box.

A box buried in the rich dark layer.
A box buried in the moine dubh.

On retrieving and opening what looked like an ammo tin I found it to be full of quarter inch magnetic tape.

Tapes full of invocation, evocation and magick.
Spells etched into magnetic ribbons.

Franck Alba - Piano Night
Kave - Kave Of Dreams
Echowood - Witchfinder
Eva Eden - Long Lost Brother
Nina & Erick - Still Dreaming
Fireflies - Stoney Lane
Lowroad - The Last
Clancy, Riley, Walsh & O'Brien - Raag Electric
Alain Maclean - Desert Song
Nina Walsh - Lover Teacher
Rootmasters - Fade To Blue
Barry Woolnough - Sunshine
Jessica Cahill - Cold Blows The Wind
Kave - Monolith
Nina Walsh - My December

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