Thursday, 8 December 2016

Blue Jam: Series 3 - Episode 5

BBC Radio 4 Extra broadcast: 25th November 2016

Cult dark comedy from the imagination of Chris Morris. With Julia Davis, Amelia Bullmore.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 1 on 18th February 1999.

"A distraught woman manages to bribe the plumber to try and fix her dead baby"
Blue Jam Intro: al trang un sabers welcome
Adulterous Rape (Ruben Alpha - Lunar)
Madder Rose - My Star
Hiding Under The Furniture (Laurent Garnier - Deep Sea Diving)
Beck - Dead Melodies
Monologue: Suzy’s Wedding (Ganger - Blau, Talvin Singh - Disser/Point.Mento.B, Talvin Singh - Vikram The Vampire, Loop Whale - Track 1)
Dramatics - What U See/Get
Goodier Sting
Doc Phone Sex (9Lazy9 - Journeyman)
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds
Michael Alexander St John: List Of Cool (Ballistic Brothers - Uschi’s Groove)
Red Snapper - Seeing Red
Moyles Sting
Mr Bentham - Wallet (Artist Unknown - Healing Place)
Sons Of Silence - A Grain Of Sand
Lesbians (Etienne Daho - Track 4)
Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo - Helpful Monkey Wallpapers Entire Home
Blue Jam Outro

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