Monday, 22 August 2016

Adrian Sherwood - On-U Smashes One Out For Japan

Japan, download only with CD (BRC-515) "Sherwood At The Controls Volume 2: 1985-1990"

Prince Far I / Creation Rebel - Frontline Speech / Version
Creation Rebel / New Age Steppers / Singers & Players - Threat To Creation / Fit To Survive
New Age Steppers - Fade Away
Mark Stewart + Maffia - Jerusalem
African Head Charge - Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline And Dignity
Audio Active - Wanna-Na
Harry Beckett - The Forgotten Man
Dub Syndicate - 2001 Love
Andy Fairley - Jack The Biscuit
Lee Perry - International Broadcaster


  1. Can't wait to listen to this mix. Thanks for sharing it with those of us who didn't get the Japanese edition!

  2. big thanx go to ras berry from the "starship africa forum" for providing both mix & traxlist. brilliant!

  3. top mix, many thanks for posting. You don't happen to have the Drainpipe Rats rough trade mix as well do you?? cheers hidden persuaders

  4. i don't have "drainpipe rats". not a mix, a compilation, so u cud make it yrself if u got all the traks, hehe. pic here courtesy ras berry >>>

  5. have the vinly, didn't know about this, thanks Swamp!