Friday, 8 July 2016

David Toop - Late Junction Mixtape

BBC Radio 3 broadcast: 30th June 2016

Max Reinhardt is joined by sound artist, writer and composer David Toop who talks us through his late junction mixtape. Toop's edition features a collection of recordings from the deepest recesses of his collection - Vietnamese one-string fiddle sits next to Japanese tongue twisters, Chicago footwork next to John Butcher's alien sax.

Ito Kimura - Tongue Twister 1 [JVC Japan]
John Butcher - Willow Shiver [Northern Spy]
RP Boo - Your Choice [Planet Mu]
Ensemble de Gong des Jörai Hrap - Oy [Air Mail Music Collection]
Sahibu and Mida: Sulawesi singing and flute - Ammaciang [Radio France]
Yannick Dauby - Nous, Les Défunts [Kalerne]
Ensemble de Gong des Jörai Hrap - Muong: Celebration [Air Mail Music Collection]
Nonoko Kaizawa - Tongue Twister 2 [JVC Japan]
Unknown - Solo On The Koni One String Fiddle With The Ddong Two String Tube Zither [Chant du Monde]
Quốc Hùng - The Wind Blows It Away [Glitterbeat]
Yu Kyung-hwa - Gutgeori [Inedit]
Unknown - Yaisama (improvised songs) [JVC Japan]
Unknown - Mo-Mo [Ideologic Organ]
Unknown - Mbilé; Chad [SWP]
Takahiro Kawaguchi - White Out [Gruenrekorder]
Unknown - Bangamur [Aby]
Unknown - Mabutawi-Teri: Wayamou Duo Exchange [Sub Rosa‎]
Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Open Flower 6 [Emanem]
Pham Thi Hue - Fate of the Beautiful Girl [Vietnam Folklore Association]
João Gilberto - Estate [Warner Bros.]
Wang Hua-de - Meditation In Autumn by the Dongting River [Hugo Production]

Intro/Interview (320kbs-m4a/23mb/10mins)
Outro (320kbs-m4a/2mb/1min)

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