Saturday, 29 November 2014

Jagwar Ma - Jono's MMXIII Mix

JAGWAR MA - JONO'S MMX111 MIX (320kbs/85mins/194mb)
Soundcloud download: 30th December 2013

Louis C.K - Oh My God
Darkside - Golden Arrow
Earl Sweatshirt - Sunday (feat. Frank Ocean)
Fuck Buttons - The Red Wing
Autechre - recks on
Arctic Monkeys - Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High
Janelle Monae - It’s Code
The Knife - Raging Lung
Disclosue - Second Chance
Blood Orange - Time Will Tell
Emiliana Torrini - Speed Of Dark (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Jagwar Ma - The Throw (Time And Space Machine Remix)
The Ashpodells - Late Flowering Dub
Cut Copy - The Waves
Four Tet - 0181
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal
Factory Floor - Turn It Up
Daniel Avery - Knowing We’ll Be There
Jagwar Ma - Come Save Me (Pachanga Boys Remix)
Boards Of Canada - Sundown
James Holden - Blackpool Late Eighties

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