Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Trypshop 12 8th August 2014

THE TRYPSHOP 12 08.08.14 (160kbs/91mb/79mins)
The Trypshop podcast presented by Mark Vidler

Pure self indulgence for this particular show, with a slight leaning towards Power Pop, or to be more specific: Great POP music.

Todd Rundgren - Couldn't I Just Tell You (1972) (Something/Anything)
Big Star - Back Of A Car (1974) (Radio City)
The Raspberries - Ecstacy (1974) (Side 3)
Badfinger - Just One Chance (1974) (Wish You Were Here)
Dwight Twilley Band - Looking For The Magic (1977) (Twilley Don't Mind)
Matthew Sweet - Sick Of Myself (1995) (100 Percent Fun)
Teenage Fanclub - About You (1995) (Grand Prix)
(quick excerpt) Big Star - September Gurls (1974) (Radio City)
Jellyfish - New Mistake (1993) (from Spilt Milk)
Jason Falkner - I Live (1996) (Presents Author Unknown)
The Merrymakers - Monkey In the Middle (1996) (Bubblegun)
Redd Kross - Get Out of Myself (1997) (Show World)
Greg Pope - Only One You (2008) (Pop Monster)
Barry O'Brien - Cut Me Out (2004) (Spark EP)
Duncan Maitland - Horror Stories (2010) (Lullabies For The 21st Century)
Pugwash - Here We Go 'Round Again (2012) (The Olympus Sound)
The Nines - What Can I Do (1998) (Wonderworld Of Colourful)
Splitsville - The Love Songs of B. Douglas Wilson (2001) (The Complete Pet Soul)
The Explorers Club - Forever (2008) (Freedom Wind)
Silver Sun - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (2005) (Disappear Here)
The Posies - Apology (1990) (Dear 23)

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